YU-BE Pure Hydration Cream


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Yu-Be's Advanced Formula Pure Hydration Cream with Chamomile Extract is a fragrance-free, concentrated moisturizing skin cream that's 100% vegan and powerfully hydrating, yet gentle enough for those with extra-sensitive skin!

  • High glycerin content helps to relieve the driest of skin conditions and provides instant, visible results
  • Chamomile extract helps reduce signs of aging by accelerating cell and tissue renewal, which reduce the appearance of fine lines and gives the skin a youthful glow
  • Vitamin E aids in soothing, moisturizing, and nourishing damaged skin
  • Vitamin B6 is a powerful antioxidant that fends off free radicals, helping to keep the skin firm and plump while reducing skin blemishes and fine lines/wrinkles
  • Non-greasy formula absorbs quickly and stays locked to retain moisture
  • Contains no artificial colors or fragrances and is non-comedogenic
  • Paraben and Alcohol Free


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