Yu-Be Moisturizing Body Lotion


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The Yu-Be Moisturizing Body Lotion is a deeply hydrating cream that is buttery smooth, lighter, and even silkier than our original Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream.

  • Camphor helps to relieve itchiness and is a natural anti-inflammatory, providing instant relief to irritated skin
  • Perfect to spread over large areas of your body (arms, legs, etc.)
  • Non-greasy formula absorbs quickly and stays locked in, creating a protective moisture barrier and relieving even the driest of skin conditions
  • Vitamin E hastens the recovery process of minor cuts, burns, and sun damage
  • Vitamin B2 helps brighten and improve the look of uneven skin tone
  • No artificial colors or fragrances
  • Paraben free and non-comedogenic


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