Yu-Be Foaming Skin Body Polish


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NEW & IMPROVED FORMULA: The updated formula of this gentle and 100% vegan scrub now has an even creamier texture that will provide your skin with an exfoliating experience that's even gentler on the skin.

Enjoy skin that's radiating with a fresh glow from head to toe when you incorporate this Japanese scrub into your daily routine!

Formulated with fine grains of rice bran, camphor, green tea, and geranium oil, the Yu-Be Foaming Skin Polish will revitalize and promote clean, fresh, and balanced skin.

  • Helps to effectively cleanse the skin of oil and makeup
  • Aids in reducing skin inflammation
  • Cleanses grime and bacteria from your skin while provide a soothing, refreshing sensation
  • Excellent for removing black heads, ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and excess dead skin cell build up from Keratosis Pilaris 
  • Instant, visible results
  • Free of artificial colors or fragrances and paraben 


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