NESCENS Bio-identical Lipid-replenishing Cream (face)


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The exclusive formulation of Nescens bio-identical lipid-replenishing cream helps restore substance, volume and comfort to the driest skin types. This extremely rich preparation ideally penetrates the superficial layers of the epidermis, ensuring remanent action.

This innovative lipid reconstitution process induces:

– a deep and long-lasting rehydration of the epidermis, from the first applications

– an improvement in the skin's mechanical properties : resilience, elasticity and firmness

– a significant reduction in micro-folds and fine lines

– a normalization of excessive desquamation, characteristic of dry skin

– a smoothing of surface roughness.


The bio-identical lipid-replenishing cream is recommended for the long-term treatment of dry skin conditions or as an intensive course of treatment (12 weeks) for occasional dry skin conditions.

How to Use:

Apply twice a day one pearl of product on clean skin.

Apply with smoothing motions avoiding the eye contour area.

SIze: 1.69 fl.oz.


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