Biologique Recherche Liposculpt AC

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Liposculpt AC is a multi-benefit slimming care product which refines the figure and reduces the appearance of cellulite. Its lipolytic and draining active ingredients help combat adipose cellulite (lipolytic action) and aqueous cellulite (effect on microcirculation). They facilitate the elimination of fatty deposits and water stored in the tissues.

An average loss of -1.0 cm on the waist circumference and -0.9 cm on the thigh circumference was observed*. The skin is firmer and smoother, its dimpled appearance is reduced. Its texture is ideal to perform a daily massage necessary to reshape the body. Recommended for Skin Instants© with localized curves or cellulite.

*Efficacy test conducted on 20 women aged 19 to 50 after using the product twice a day for 56 days – Results obtained by centimetric measurement

Recommended for Skin Instants© with localized curves or cellulite


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