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Experts in the art of blending, our ten Bath & Shower Oils (9ml, 0.3oz) deliver unique benefits that can help you relax, unwind, feel energised, bring you comfort or give you confidence. Find your perfect blend and discover the full powers of aromatherapy and benefits to your mind, body and skin. Each bottle contains up to 3 wellbeing experiences.

Wellbeing moment: Choose from 10 unique aromatherapy benefits

  • Deep Relax Bath & Shower oil: Restful Vetivert (9ml, 0.3oz)
  • Light Relax Bath & Shower oil: Calming Lavender (9ml, 0.3oz)
  • Revive Morning Bath & Shower oil: Refreshing Pink Grapefruit (9ml, 0.3oz)
  • Revive Evening Bath & Shower oil: Ylang Ylang for a sense of wellbeing (9ml, 0.3oz)
  • De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower oil: Focusing Frankincense (9ml, 0.3oz)
  • De-Stress Muscle Bath & Shower oil: Energising Rosemary (9ml, 0.3oz)
  • Support breathe Bath & Shower oil: Cooling Eucalyptus (9ml, 0.3oz)
  • Support Equilibrium Bath & Shower oil: Balancing Geranium (9ml, 0.3oz)
  • Support Lavendar & Peppermint Bath & Shower oil: Soothing Lavender (9ml, 0.3oz)
  • Inner Strength Bath & Shower oil: Supporting Cardamom (9ml, 0.3oz)

How to use: have a wellbeing moment: Massage one third onto your torso. Step into a warm bath or shower and breathe deeply. Each bottle contains up to 3 wellbeing experiences.

Sensible cautions: Keep out of reach of children. For adults only. If pregnant or suffering from a medical condition, seek advice before use. To avoid a slippery surface, clean bath after use.


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