NESCENS Metabolic Activator Toner


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Alcohol and color-free, this toner helps reestablish cutaneous homeostasis, reactivate the vital functions of the epidermis and restore the hydrolipidic balance. The hydrolipidic balance is restored, the skin toned, invigorated. The pores are tightened, the skin texture is refined, and the skin surface appears smoother.

Ideal for: Dull complexion, loss of radiance, cutaneous asphyxia, visible pores


– Stimulates metabolic cell functions

– Encourages the natural exfoliation of the epidermis

– Improves the penetration of the active substances

– Retains water molecules in the stratum corneum

– Restores the natural hydrolipidic barrier function and cutaneous pH

– Calms potential irritations

– Eliminates the last traces of residue from the cleansing phase and neutralizes deposits left by hard water.

How to use:

Spray twice the metabolic activator tonic onto hands and apply it to a perfectly cleaned and dried face and neck. Massage lightly into skin to optimise the penetration of the tonic.

Size: 150 ml


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