NESCENS Bio-identical Restoring Mask (face)


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The bio-identical restoring mask delivers active ingredients essential to the re-lipidation and restoration of the skin, which becomes hydrated, firm, and resistant.

Ideal for: Dehydration, wrinkles, dryness, skin sensitivity


This mask deeply strengthens the skin's structure, and:

– helps the regeneration of the epidermal lipid layer by promoting a consolidation of the intercellular cement and restoring the protective function of the skin's barrier

– reduces transepidermal water loss by limiting the evaporation, ensuring an optimal hydro-lipid balance that is indispensable to maintain young-looking skin

– neutralizes the skin's hyper-reactivity resulting from thermal, physical, and chemical aggressions.

How to use:

Take a hazelnut size mask. This mask only requires a thin layer.

Apply in a thin layer on perfectly cleansed and dry face and neck, bi-weekly.

Leave for 15 minutes and rinse off with room temperature water.

Size: 3.38 fl.oz.


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