Biologique Recherche Liposmose

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Specifically formulated for congested eyes, Liposmose provides a long-lasting solution by targeting water and fatty under-eye bags as well as those due to cutaneous aging.

Its formula contains active ingredients with a triple osmoregulatory, lipolytic and firming actions, to help correct and protect the skin from external aggressions, bringing sparkle back to the eyes. Day after day, the volume of puffiness is reduced, the eyes are revitalized and the eye contour is smoothed.

Recommended for Skin Instants© with under-eye puffiness.

Quick Tip: We recommend you to create a DIY undereye patch with this serum. Separate a 2×2 cotton gauze, lightly saturate each piece with serum and leave on for 15 min. Great for an instant de-puffing pick-me-up for your eyes. If you experience overall facial puffiness, this serum may be used over the entire face before your cream.

Available in 0.3oz or 1.0oz.

How to use: In the AM, apply few drops around the eye area before applying your eye cream, such as Biologique Recherche Creme Contour Des Yeux VIPO2.

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0.3 fl oz, 1 fl oz


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