Monika Heiligmann Deep Regenerating Lip Balm


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Colorless lip balm. For post-treatment, at-home use – Specifically designed as a 7-14 days post-lip filler care solution, to care for the lip epithelium after hyaluronic acid lip fillers. It is crafted to leave lips soft and dewy after just one application, providing immediate soothing relief from dryness and irritations. This balm is developed to accelerate lip regeneration and enhance clinic protocols.

Monika Heiligmann’s Deep Regenerative Lip Balm reaches new heights of recovery to leave your lips delightfully soft and dewy.

Discomfort and skin oxidation dramatically affect the lips and the sensitive surrounding area. Our Deep Regenerating Lip Balm’s complex of innovative actives penetrates the  epidermis to renew, repair, and rehydrate your lips. Its long-lasting nourishing texture and its elegant nomadic applicator take care of your lips 24/7.

Our innovative lip balm restores your lip's youth and comfort. Its immediate soothing effect calms feelings of dryness and irritations and restores your lip hydration for an exquisite soft-to-the-touch feel. By restoring your skin's natural moisture barrier, our Deep Regenerative Lip Balm prevents natural and external skin dehydration caused by environmental factors such as ambient dryness, plane cabin depressurization, air conditioning, and blue light.

Its avant-garde complex formula is suitable for everyday use and for an after-filler home treatment ritual. 


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