Leonor Greyl Serum Energisant


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Elevate your hair and scalp health with this vitalizing alcohol-free serum that reduces hair thinning. Brimming with natural botanicals, it strengthens the bulb and protects the hair fiber while offering the anti-pollution action of green tea. Maca and rosemary extracts strengthen hair and calms the scalp. After just 15 days of use, hair health and vitality improve noticeably, and after three months, hair is denser and hair loss is slowed. A multi-faceted serum for all hair types with the soothing scent of white tea.


Size: 50ml, 1.7oz


How to use:

  • Apply on clean, towel-dried hair using the dropper line by line and/or to the targeted area. Massage for 1 minute, and then style as usual.
  • Do not rinse.
  • In case of severe hair thinning, apply two to three times a week, for two to three consecutive months, and then gradually reduce the frequency of use.

Pro Tips:

  • To improve results, massage your scalp with a massaging scalp brush or with your head upside down to promote blood circulation.



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